July-Protection from the Sun

July is UV Safety Month. Exposure to UV rays, or ultraviolet radiation, is a major risk factor for most skin cancers. People who get a lot of UV exposure from the sun, tanning beds and lamps are at greater risk.

Even though UV rays make up only a very small portion of the sun’s rays, they are the main cause of the sun’s damaging effects on the skin.

Here are some tips from Dr. Christopher Ewing of TAMC's Emergency Services Department.

Summer is upon us and it is good idea to stay proactive when it comes to your exposure to sunlight. Some people think about sun protection only when they spend a day at the lake, beach, or pool. But sun exposure adds up day after day, and it happens every time you are in the sun. Sunlight is the main source of ultraviolet or UV rays, which can lead to a greater risk of skin cancer if you’re not careful. You don’t have to avoid the sun completely, but getting too much sun can be harmful. There are some steps you can take to limit your exposure to UV rays.

One of the best ways is to simply stay in the shade. The American Cancer Society has a slogan for you to remember if you’re going to be in the sun. “Slip! Slop! Slap!® and Wrap” Broken down it means

  • Slip on a shirt.
  • Slop on sunscreen.
  • Slap on a hat.
  • Wrap on sunglasses to protect the eyes and skin around them.
For more information visit the American Cancer Society website.

Click to listen to the audio version: Protection from the sun

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