Leaving the Hospital

On or before you go home, you will receive information about any medications you will be taking, instructions on caring for yourself at home, and information about any special equipment, supplies, or services you will need. Please ask your nurse or doctor if you have any questions about the process; we want to ensure a smooth transition for you during your recovery.

Making a Plan for Your Departure

A representative from Social Services may meet with you before you go home. You may require care outside the hospital setting, in which case a complete list of options will be provided for you. You may want to have your family present when meeting with Social Services staff, especially if any of them will be responsible for helping you after you leave the hospital. If you don’t have special needs, but would like to speak to someone from our Social Services Department, please ask your nurse for assistance.

Getting Ready to Go Home

As your stay with us comes to an end, please check the closet and drawers in your room for personal items. We will hold any personal articles we find in your room for 30 days. Please phone the nursing station on the floor where you stayed to ask about items you have left behind; if your items are no longer at the nursing station, they have likely been sent to the hospital’s lost and found service (768-4349). If you’ve placed valuable items or papers in the medical center safe, don’t forget to retrieve them before you leave. To do so, you will need the receipt you were given when you deposited the items.

LiveSAFE Response Service

LiveSafe is a simple, inexpensive emergency response system that provides peace of mind. It has an easy, one-button system that ensures a quick response to any emergency. LiveSAFE operators are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide help you can count on.

When a subscriber experiences an emergency, he or she simply presses a button on a mobile pendant that hangs around the neck or attaches to the wrist. A local operator from The Aroostook Medical Center begins talking to the subscriber within seconds, and the appropriate help is summoned. If needed, the operator dispatches an ambulance or contacts the police or fire departments in the event of a non-medical emergency.

To find out more about LiveSAFE, contact one of our LiveSAFE coordinators by dialing 768-4259 (ext. 4259 in the hospital) or ask your nurse for more information.

The Ride Home

You may feel fine on the day you are ready to go home, but we request that you arrange transportation with a family member or friend prior to leaving the hospital. If you were admitted through the Emergency Department, you may need to have a change of clothes brought to you.

In an effort to ensure you arrive home and get settled early in the day, we recommend that you arrange for your driver to pick you up by 11:00 a.m. A car seat is required before newborns can go home. Car seats are available for free to those who meet certain income guidelines; please ask your nurse for more details.

Keep In Touch

After you leave the hospital, you may want to contact your primary care provider with any questions about your recovery. If you have concerns about your hospital stay involving things other than your recovery process, please contact our Patient Services Advocate at 768-4394. There are several programs, newsletters, and special events we offer, some of which focus on specific health related topics such as diabetes, heart health, and nutrition.

Evaluating Your Care

You may receive a patient survey within 30 days after you leave the hospital. These confidential surveys are mailed from a company hired by The Aroostook Medical Center to gather information about our patients. Because we rely on your help to improve our services, please complete and return the survey as soon as possible using the prepaid envelope addressed to Improving Healthcare.

No Tipping Please!

Hospital employees are not permitted to accept gratuities from patients, their relatives, or friends. We strive to do the best we possibly can for every patient as part of our standard for patient care. Although it is not necessary, if you want to express thanks to our staff, a simple card or note is much appreciated.

Home Care and Hospice

If your provider recommends home care services, you will receive a complete list of all home care and long term care options to help you make your choice. Services provided by home care staff include skilled nursing, therapies, personal care, medical social services, and maternal/child health. Long term care services are available on an inpatient basis at Aroostook Health Center in Mars Hill and at other facilities. Hospice services are available to anyone dealing with a terminal illness and their family members. The focus is on palliative care, which means meeting the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of the whole person and family. Hospice affirms life and concentrates on allowing people to live fully and comfortable, while respecting the right of people to choose how and where to live and die.

If you need home care or hospice services, we hope you consider choosing Visiting Nurses of Aroostook, which, like The Aroostook Medical Center, is a member of EMHS. VNA provides a full range of home health, hospice, telemedicine and private pay services. For more information about home care or hospice services, call VNA at 498-2578 or 800-439-1685.
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