TAMC employees recognized for years of service

Release Date: 06/26/2017

TAMC President Greg LaFrancois thanks Marie Cash (center) of Presque Isle and
Margaret Blanchard of Blaine for 40 years of service to TAMC. Absent from photo: Kathy Lancaster of Caribou and Carl Shaw of Presque Isle.

Aroostook County -   TAMC recently honored its employees who have reached milestones in their tenure with the healthcare facility. A celebration took place in the Campus Center at the University of Maine at Presque Isle where TAMC recognized 114 employees at its 2017 Employee Service Awards ceremony.
“Employees are the heart of the organization.  Their work is extremely complex and at times they run at a full sprint.  Over the years they have weathered many challenges and kept coming back for more.  I have great respect for the entire TAMC staff and especially these incredible professionals who dedicated their lives to their community,” said Greg LaFrancois, president of TAMC.  “I am proud to be part of an organization with so many dedicated individuals who care deeply for their community.” 
Employees were presented service awards for milestone years ranging from five years to 40 years of service to TAMC.
Four employees were recognized for reaching 40 years of service: Margaret Blanchard of Blaine, a nurse at the County Dialysis Center; Marie Cash of Presque Isle, laboratory technologist; Kathy Lancaster of Caribou, director of surgical specialties; and Carl Shaw of Presque Isle, lab-chemistry.

Among those recognized for 35 years of service was Judy Glidden of Westfield. Absent from photo: Nadine Lamoreau and Robert Marston, both of Presque Isle, and Nancy Tompkins of Chapman.

Honored for reaching the milestone of 35 years of service were: Judy Glidden of Westfield, pharmacy process lead; Nadine Lamoreau of Presque Isle, nurse practitioner at Aroostook General & Vascular Surgical Services; Robert Marston of Presque Isle, reprographics specialist; and Nancy Tompkins of Chapman, radiology tech in Imaging Services.
Eight employees were recognized for 30 years of service.  Honored from Presque Isle were: Oscar Cyr, boiler operator; Candace Dudley, clerical supervisor in the Emergency Department; Colleen Ellis, supervisor of warehouse/courier; Catherine McCausland, medical assistant in Aroostook Heart & Lung; and Nancy Theriault, laundry worker. Also recognized for 30 years of service were Melissa McKenney of Fort Fairfield, nurse in Cardiac Rehab; Kenna Prue of Westfield, paramedic at Crown Emergency Services; and Julia Solomon of Westmanland, nurse at the County Dialysis Center.

TAMC President Greg LaFrancois (left) celebrates the following employees for 30 years at TAMC, from left: Nancy Theriault of Presque Isle; Julia Solomon of Westmanland, Melissa “Mitzi” McKenney of Fort Fairfield, Colleen Ellis of Presque Isle, Candy Dudley of Presque Isle and Kenna Prue of Westfield.  Absent from photo: Oscar Cyr and Catherine McCausland, both of Presque Isle.  

Awards for 25 years of service went to Gail Burtt of Washburn, nurse on Women & Children; Marjorie Dyer of Mapleton, nurse on Medical/Surgical/Telemetry; Donna Grass of Mars Hill, CNA at the Aroostook Health Center; Ned Labelle of Ashland, paramedic for Crown Emergency Services; Sandra MacCallum of Chapman, nurse on Women & Children; Christopher Miller of Presque Isle, CT tech in Imaging Services; Peggy Soucier of Presque Isle, mailroom clerk; and Tracy Whitten of Caribou, nursing supervisor.
Twenty year service awards were presented to Vicky Conley of Crouseville, nurse at County Dialysis; Margaret Everett of Fort Fairfield, clinical supervisor at ENT Services; Priscilla Lapointe of Presque Isle, warehouse clerk; and Pamela McLean of Presque Isle, CT tech in Imaging Services.
Employees honored for 15 years of service from Presque Isle were: Crystal Desmond, referral specialist at Sleep Medicine Services; Karl Johanson, special procedures tech in Imaging Services; Rebecca Johanson, medical assistant in Aroostook Heart & Lung; Francine King, laundry supervisor; Kathleen LaChance, CNA at Aroostook Health Center; Lori McPherson, nurse in the recovery room; Melinda Morrison, ultrasound tech in Imaging Services; and Annette Pelkey, food service worker.
Also celebrating 15 years with TAMC were: Teresa Beaver of Caribou, clinical documentation specialist in Coding; Keith Boot of Washburn, respiratory therapist; Michelle Boucher of Gorham, compliance specialist; Nora Clark of Ashland, storeroom/reprographics assistant; Lona Cyr of Fort Fairfield, nurse at Family Practice & Internal Medicine; Jessica Gagnon of Caribou, nurse practitioner at Caribou Health Center; Wanda Hale of Caribou, ultrasound tech in Imaging Services; Terry Jandreau of Caribou, supervisor in Imaging Services; Julie Jencks of Perham, medical assistant in the Women’s Health Center; Paula Michaud, nurse in the operation room; Anna Robbins of Easton, cafeteria worker; Penny Scott of Washburn, nurse in Aroostook Cancer Care; Thomas Shea of Mapleton, supervisor in the operating room; and Darrell Spooner of Castle Hill, supervisor for Crown Critical Care Transport.
Recognized for 10 years of service from Presque Isle were Sarah Berube, clinical nutrition aide; Danielle Brewer, lead phlebotomist; Joseph Carroll, lead cook; Regina Craig, sitter; Jeremy Dugal, physical therapist; Cheryl Dyer, environmental specialist; Jenni Gizzie, medical assistant for OB/GYN & Midwifery Services; Amy Medina, nurse in Acute Rehabilitation; Linda Menard, learning & support specialist; Susan Plissey, nurse in the recovery room; Tamara Scott, pharmacy technician; and Kerry Spooner, manager of the Fort Fairfield, Mars Hill and Women’s Health Centers.
Also recognized for 10 years were: Tammy Buckley of Mapleton, project manager; David Collins, Jr. of Caribou, custodian technician; Lynn Cullins of Caribou, ophthalmology assistant for Eye Care Services; Karen Enman of Fort Fairfield, lead inpatient care coordinator; Dr. David Horne of New York City, NY, dermatologist in TAMC’s Outpatient Specialty Clinics; Michelle Johndro of Caribou, technician in the Emergency Department; Michael Legassie of Easton, maintenance worker; Penda McDonald of Fort Fairfield, billing support technician; Kim McGlinn of Mapleton, anesthesia tech; Harvey McLellan of Ashland, first responder for Crown Emergency Services; Lori O’Clair of Ashland, CNA on Medical/Surgical/Telemetry; and Michael Stanco of Van Buren, nurse in the Emergency Department.
TAMC’s five year service award recipients from Presque Isle were:  Nichol Archer, medical assistant in Orthopedic Services; Dr. Mark Billington, surgeon at Aroostook General & Vascular Surgery; Lee Delong, lead tech in the lab; Caitlin Helstrom, audiologist at ENT Services; Dr. Evgeny Kirsanov, hospitalist; Dr. Sergio Lema, hospitalist; Matthew McCarthy, sales and service specialist for LiveSAFE; Dr. Mark Morin, ophthalmologist at Eye Care Services; Nicole Mullen, CNA at Aroostook Health Center; Georgina Schiff, nurse in the Cardiovascular Lab; Rhoda Skeens, nursing supervisor; Denise St. Jarre, CT tech in Imaging Services; Jacqueline St. Laurent, cook; and Dr. Rachel Swartz, a physician at OB/GYN & Midwifery Services.
Also honored for five years of service were: Dr. John Assini of Schenectady, NY,  rheumatologist in TAMC’s Outpatient Specialty Clinics; Randy Bacon of Easton, director of ancillary & clinical support services; Kathryn Brown of Washburn, nurse on Women & Children; Wanda Campbell of Ashland, medical assistant at Family Practice & Internal Medicine; Abigail Clair of Mapleton, care manager; Chantal Clavette of Van Buren, CNA on Medical/ Surgical/ Telemetry; Vanessa Connolly of Woodland, nurse in ICU; Shawn Cote of Fort Fairfield, warehouse clerk; Meghan Dinneen of Woodland, nurse practitioner at the Caribou Health Center; Samantha Fuller of Easton, monitor tech in the ICU; Deborah Habeeb of Caribou, secretary for Imaging Services; Jessica Holmes of Portage, nurse for ICU; Maureen Jarrett of Easton, nurse practitioner at Family Practice & Internal Medicine; Ashley Joslyn of Monticello, medical assistant at Aroostook General & Vascular Surgical Services; Crystal Laster of Blaine, nurse on Medical/Surgical/ Telemetry; Krystal Levesque of Caribou, lead tech in the lab; Lisa Lovely of Mars Hill, CNA at Aroostook Health Center; Kassie Lovely Clark of Mapleton, occupational therapist; Michele MacPherson of Easton, health services assistant at Outpatient Specialty Clinics; Cheryl Marchand of Limestone, cashier/accounting clerk; Melissa McCrum of Mars Hill, nurse clinical supervisor at Aroostook Heart & Lung; John Raymond of Frenchville, physician assistant at Aroostook Heart & Lung; Suzanne Stitham of Mars Hill, medical assistant at Walk In Care; Dr. Gary Wikert of Crossville, TN, urologist in TAMC Urology Services; and Dr. Jeffrey Young of Cumberland, radiation oncologist in Aroostook Cancer Care.
To help celebrate the occasion and add fun to the evening, members of TAMC’s executive leadership team and their support staff donned costumes and became characters in a mystery dinner theatre.
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