Stacy Thibodeau

Stacy Thibodeau is an active mom. She and her family are avid hikers and bikers; taking advantage of the beautiful scenery Aroostook County has to offer. Unfortunately, a fall on Father’s Day while playing with her children brought Stacy’s active lifestyle to a screeching halt.
“I’ve never felt such pain – I’ve never sustained a major injury,” said Stacy. “I thought the worst; like I would ever be as active as I once was.”
Stacy, a nurse for the Maine CDC, was very careful to research her options once it became clear that she would need surgery. She began researching orthopedic surgeons in Maine when a friend recommended Dr. D. T. Sahajpal at TAMC.
Stacy started researching his education, qualifications, and work history. “I couldn’t believe what I found: assistant professor at the University of Florida, a prestigious Shoulder-Elbow Upper Extremity Fellowship at New York University-Hospital, a Sports Medicine Fellowship at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic board certified in the United States and Canada, bilingual, and extensive sports medicine history,” she said.
She determined that his level of sports medicine expertise could not be found anywhere else in the state. Stacy had found a surgeon in her own “backyard” who specialized in restoring injured athletes to their previous level of function.
Dr. Sahajpal made accommodations to see Stacy quickly. He examined her injury and began to work on her recovery plan quickly.
“I felt that he understood my pain,” said Stacy. “He made everything happen quickly – he goes out of his way to make sure his patients are taken care of.”
A day surgery procedure put Stacy on the road to recovery. She needed extensive knee reconstruction and her ACL repaired. Dr. Sahajpal developed a work plan for her with Paul Marquis, PT, of County Physical Therapy.  
“Dr. Sahajpal and Paul work flawlessly together,” added Stacy. “The therapy plan is tailored to my needs – it is not a cookie-cutter approach. Dr. Sahajpal checks in every two weeks to see if adjustments need to be made to the plan.”
“Before I’m done, I will be in therapy for nearly a year and I appreciate that Dr. Sahajpal follows my progress and makes sure I’m getting what I need,” said Stacy. “He’s a phenomenal resource. I can’t believe we have someone of that caliber here.”
Dr. Sahajpal, also an athlete works hard to help his patients heal correctly and completely thereby restoring their ability to continue their active lifestyle.
“It’s not just the fact that you were injured and then you heal, but you want to get back to a high level of function,” said Dr. Sahajpal. “That is what we focus on here.”
“Healing is about more than just the surgery,” he continued. “It’s about therapy, conditioning, and proper body mechanics so that the injury does not repeat itself. I work with my patients to educate them on these things as well as provide them with the resources they need to continue the healing process.”
“Normally, I would have gone to Boston for the type of surgery I needed and the level of surgeon I expect to see,” said Stacy. “Instead, I was able to get more than what I ever expected here at home.”
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